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Jindongli Intelligent Technology(SZ) Co., Ltd. Release time:【2016-10-10】 Browse【1483】 【Print】【Back

Jindongli Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise integrated with scientific research and design, manufacturing and sales services, and has two factories: Shenzhen Jindongli Packaging Equipment Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Tuanfeng Electronic Materials Plant. Its key products include SMD electronic packaging materials and SMD peripheral devices. The company also processes the incoming materials of taping packages for SMD electronic components.

The people of Jindongli Company follow the purpose of “Customer foremost, service first, leading by science and technology, and based on sincerity”, adhere to the business philosophy of “all focus on customers, quality first, making success though service”, and advocate the “performance-oriented” values. The company provides each person of Jindongli Company with the real win-win platform based on the company's interests and self-worth in order to achieve the common dream of Jindongli Team.

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